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Service Policy

We are committed to improving our services to satisfy all our customers.

This Agreement applies during THAIMERCHANDISE.COM (Hereinafter referred to as “seller”) with buyers of goods and services. Specified by this agreement (Hereinafter referred to as “buyer”), the shop reserves the right to amend, update or change terms and conditions. Any time without prior notice The buyers of goods and services agree to be bound and abide by the following terms and conditions.

1. Product distribution policy

THAI MERCHANDISE.COM It is a website that sells food and beverages to promote the distribution of the products of the manufacturer to the hands of consumers directly. Distribution is one of the most important elements of marketing. Distribution of products to consumers will vary depending on Target market and product volume to be distributed, and shipping frequency Which we can transport products to small buyers directly It is a place to stay for products in order to distribute products to consumers quickly and easily.

2. Price

The price of the product is as stated on the website which is the price used on the date of purchase by the stated price. Is the price determined by the manufacturer of the product Which is the standard retail product price But not including service and shipping costs Customs Other fees and taxes In connection with product delivery and pickup, the store reserves the right to change the price of the product at any time without notice.

3. Order

3.1 Orders will be considered complete. When the customer has paid the product price and shipping and any amount That customers will pay to the shop Full And the payment system has confirmed that the shop The said payment has been received.

3.2 Once the purchase of the product is complete according to item 3.1, the shop will not refund in all cases.

4. Shipping

4.1 The company has been confirmed that the payment has been completed, the store will ship the order within 3 working days from the date of the order completion Except in the event of majeure, natural disasters, riots, strikes, political issues, revolutionaries, coups or any events Which is beyond the control of the shop In such event, the company will deliver the products after the said event has ended.

4.2 In the event that the customer wishes the shop Shipping to overseas The customer agrees to be the recipient of the service and shipping costs. Customs fees, fees and other taxes related to the delivery of the goods, including the customs duties, fees and taxes of the country in which the ordered goods are imported.

4.3 In which the customer wishes the shop Shipping to overseas Customers must ensure ordered product It can be legally imported into the receiving country in accordance with the laws of that country, if any damage occurs, the customer agrees to bear all liability and restitution.

5. Warranty

5.1 The company agrees to guarantee the purchased products under the warranty conditions of the product manufacturer only.

5.2 In the event that the product is defective Customers must report any defect in the product to the shop written in writing within 3 days from the date the customer receives the said product. If no defect is reported to the shop Within the specified period, the shop is no longer liable for any defect in the product

5.3 When the customer has reported the defect in the product to the shop According to the conditions specified in Section 5.2 above, the customer must return the defective product to the store within 14 days from the date of receipt of the said product to the store. Will deliver the complete product back to the new customer immediately.

5.4 The company does not warrant any damage that occurs due to incorrect use or installation or assembly of the product. Or does not follow the instructions or manual or installation or assembly of the product. Or from product modification or from an accident.

6. Product returns

6.1 The company will return the product only in the event that the product is not delivered in accordance with the ordered product, the store will accept the return of the said product only when the customer has returned the said product to the store within 3 days from Date the customer received the product And the product must be in original condition The product packaging has not been opened yet. And can be sold immediately.

6.2 Returning the products according to the condition of Clause 6.1, the shop will be responsible only for the cost of shipping the new products to the customer only, the company will not be responsible for customs duties, fees and other taxes. Related to the return of goods Delivery and receiving of new products As for the cost of the customer in delivering the products in accordance with Clause 6.1, which does not include Customs fees, fees and other taxes Any related to the return of goods The company will repay the expenses. To customers in the form of cash coupons for use in making purchases with the company next time.

7. Order cancellation

When the company Order received and Payment confirmation has been completed. Customers will not be able to cancel an order.