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Tom Yum Sauce


  • Authentic Thai Taste
  • No MSG
  • No Preservatives
  • No Colouring
  • Product of Thailand
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This dish is classified as a spicy curry, although cooked with thick coconut milk. The paste is prepared and brought to simmer until fragrant. Chillies and thick broth will create a balance of sweet, salty, and It has a rich, delicious taste that you can’t stop eating.


With an 200 gram package, it is suitable for cooking to eat 4-5 Servings of aromatic goodness – a healthy yet delicious option for serving to friends and family.


It is most popular with western tourists in Thailand, and now you can buy it in the UK through our website.

How to cook (Easy to cook 4 Step)

  1. Prepare 250g of boiled meat or chicken
  2. Mix Tom Yum Sauce with meat or chicken.
  3. Put on stove and bring to boil
  4. Then put vegetables as desire,  wait until cooked.

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Weight 200 g